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Title: Calamity Cove
Author: [personal profile] lavendre
Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Characters/pairing: Rose/Lailah
Prompt: Sappho #16
Rating: all audiences
Word Count: 536

Notes: Playing around with a potential modern universe I may or may not return to?? Not happy with this, but w/e taaaaake it.

someone will remember us
I say
even in another time


“You know, there’s something really familiar about this place.”


“Yeah.” Rose leaned over the dark green railing. The paint chipped and peeled along the metal pipeline, caught beneath her slipping fingers. She felt the cool wetness of the sea spray against her face with a particularly strong gust, the seagulls coasting overhead. Lailah laughed and began the struggle of keeping her hair tucked behind her ears. Had she always had such a loose laugh?

“I love this wind. Makes me think of those winter winds that would happen in March, in Camelot. They’d carry you away, if they could.”

“You sound so nostalgic,” Rose teased, zipping her sweater up to her chin. “That’s a sign that you’re in denial of the present.”

“No,” Lailah laughed. “Even dear, those memories are very distant now. I haven’t been there since my grandmother died.”

“Do you want to go visit? It’s not that far.”

“That’s alright. There’s plenty to see here.” Rose squinted at her. They kept walking, the trail winding like a snake among the spidery gray grasses.

Lailah had chosen a pair of sandals for their forray across the port town, and they’d lasted until the sands had infiltrated the flimsy straps. Now they dangled from her waist where she’d strung them through the belt loop of her jeans. Rose wondered how a sword would rest there. She was so tall, a real sword would only ever reach mid-calf, she supposed.



“What’s wrong? You look off put. Was it that tour? I found it a little depressing, too.”

Rose grinned. “Hardly. I like artillerey. I’m imagining you as a medieval swordswoman. What do you think about that?”

“I don’t think much of that. A sword would be too awkward for me, I think.”

“Really? You’d be a powerhouse, the ultimate damage dealing unit!”

Lailah blushed and hid her face behind her waterbottle. “Oh, please.”

And then: “Were you thinking about how small the ocean makes you feel? That’s what I was thinking about. I wonder how far the waters stretch. It’d be nice if we had a map.”

“Yeah. Calamity Cove. I wonder how many boats lay at the bottom. Those waters look rough.

“But pretty. We should go fishing next week.”

Lailah settled herself against the railing, frame politely folded in half. It was supposed to be an afternoon romp along the cliffs, and if they walked long enough, maybe a walk through the sea grass and the mossy trees and dark, earthy paths further insland. Despite the salt, Rose’s clothes didn’t stick to her neck like she’d anticipated, and the sun wasn’t even high enough for it to be noon. Maybe they’d go swimming. Maybe they’d get ice cream, fly a kite, and wander some more.

They hadn’t really been looking for anything in particular. Maybe aimlessness was the problem.

Rose heaved a sigh and strung her ponytail through the end of her cap.

“Crap. I’m feeling all nostalgic and stuff now, too. Want to keep going?”

Lailah slipped her shoes back on, still bright-eyed and fresh. Rose rocked back on her heels and tried not to smile. “I’m content to go wherever.”

“Right. That, uh, lighthouse in the distance, then.”

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