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Title: Apply
Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Characters/pairing: Clemm/Alisha
Prompt: Sappho #6
Rating: all audiences
Word Count: 226

It wasn’t fair to call them prophecies, but Clemm knew where to find Lady Alisha.

Perched outside the horse barn discussing training prodecures with Captain Mariam, her audience informed Clemm over mess. Had Alisha had the inclination to not be found, Clemm wasn’t sure she could honor her disappearance easily. After the training that had taken them in the woods for three weeks and the near death episodes that resulted in the loss of one of the youngest recruits horses, disciplines were being reexamined, field dates reevaluated for safer conditions, and Alisha had taken it upon herself to oversee it all. Tradition made most attempts at negotiations useless and it was admirable that she even tried at all.

Clemm never forgot that Lady Alisha was her responsibility, so when Captain Mariam threatened to put her on suspension for a week for giving cheek as a knight and not a princess, it was also Clemm’s duty and the duty of her comrades to see that it was followed through. For all that they buried themselves in the muck for her, it was only to build a bridge out of their shoulders so that one day the going was that much easier.

It was to that end that Clemm took her assigned tasks with pride, and threw herself from Lady Alisha’s slowing horse and into the ravine below.


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