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Title: Hold Your Own Hand
Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Characters/pairing: Alisha/Clemm
Prompt: Sappho #11
Rating: T
Word Count: 242

Alisha pulled her cloak tighter around her shoulders and pressed her forehead to the cold stone of the ruined wall. In the blue-black roots of the half-collapsed cavern, she spun her memory into a wish: if anyone saw her now, let it be the ones who doubted her the most. She didn’t have her lance to lean on or a friend to grip her hand, but the ground was solid. She trailed her hand along the wall of ages and stories past and walked. And walked until the floor gave way beneath her to a stair and several broken, crumbling steps. Lady Maltran would have applauded Alisha for her bravado, even if she had to pause now and then to wipe the snot and tears away from her mouth so she could breathe, her legs carried her the distance she needed to go.

Thoughts of departure blew about her mind: the wind that had torn up the canyon and devoured her knights whole, professor drake drowning in the miasma that polluted the ley lines, Clemm’s shout and the moment her hands had forcefully separated them both from the saddle. Even though Alisha held on, it wasn’t enough to keep her.

When Alisha woke in Sorey’s house days later, her mouth tasted like ash.

The ravine Clemm had fallen into was blacker than the one she faced now. Knowing that, she pressed forward into the day, into the dim light of morning.
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